Cyndy Sheldon, Gestalt counselor

A Holistic Approach to Life

We are intricate beings living in an environment with nature and other beings, on a planet, in a universe which is a part of multiple universes and on and on… Seeing ourselves in this context of the larger picture broadens our understanding of who we are.

The word Gestalt means "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts". This implies that the whole has an essence, which we can sense and feel if we are tuned into it. Each being has an essence, each organization, group, family and environment as well. So often when we live in the fast lane, experiencing others as "labels", understanding only in "sound bites", we miss the essence of everything.

By understanding our essence, we become clearer about "the me who is aware", who we are deep inside, under the layers of personality, education, training and socialization. Knowing, honoring and listening to this inner being is the most important thing we can do. And then many of our concerns will fall into place.

This holistic approach I follow implies "a way of life", which I've often said is the case with Gestalt, which has similarities to indigenous ways and larger philosophical systems. Finding balance in the here and now, personally and in our families and organizations, helps keep us alive and healthy as we move forward during these unusual times.

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Creating Egalitarian Relationships from a Gestalt Perspective

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Cyndy's latest book:
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Don't Tell Me What To Do... Ask Me!
Creating Egalitarian Relationships from a Gestalt Perspective

This book is for those who want an Egalitarian Relationship rather than a Hierarchical, or Authoritarian one, regardless of how benevolent it might be.

Do You Have An Egalitarian Relationship? Do You Want One?
Many people think they have an equal relationship with their spouse or partner, but do they really?
Not everyone needs therapy to unravel why so much resentment and hurt happens. Sometimes it is a misunderstanding of some of the basic hopes and desires of couples, who have not articulated with each other their assumptions about how to run the business of their household, times together, times apart and other important issues. Sometimes it is not taking the time to fully see and hear one another. Some, afraid to be explicit, try to get by being vague, which doesn't help. This book covers the importance of equality in healthy relationships -- with a lot of experiments to help you explore.

For the general public as well as teachers, therapists, facilitators and trainers to use with trainees, clients and community groups.

Gestalt as a Way of Life

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Gestalt As A Way Of Life

Cyndy Sheldon's book is a blue ribbon winner of the Journey Award by Chanticleer International Book Awards.

"This book speaks with an enchantingly simple voice, enhancing our understanding of the everyday concerns of living. It offers the kind of modest human spirit with which most people can identify; yet it goes disarmingly deep as it transforms a revealing look into life-as-it-is into the promise of life as-it-could-be."
~ Erv Polster, PhD, Gestalt Therapist Emeritus, author of many books including Gestalt Therapy Integrated and Everyone's Life is Worth a Novel.

"This book demystifies Gestalt therapy, distills it and makes it accessible, illuminating how Gestalt therapy practices create the emotional field that the cognitive neuroscientists tell us is essential for change. Now here are the practices at your finger tips! Cyndy Sheldon's gems of wisdom are beautifully written and artistically presented."
~ Christiane Elsbree, MSW, LICSW, Gestalt therapist, founding member of the Violet Oaklander Foundation.

"This small book of Cyndy's is so very rich, something to be savored, and should be on every therapist's shelf. It delivers a concise description of both the history and principles of Gestalt therapy. Take some deep breaths, pick a section that resonates with you and experiment with the exercises!"
~ Janette Rainwater, PhD, Gestalt therapist, historian, political activist, and author of numerous books including You're in Charge: A guide to becoming your own therapist.


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